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M E Labash Tax and Financial

M E Labash Tax and Financial

(818) 772-2272

I find that unless you master your financial life, you will have difficulty saving the things you want (let alone enough for retirement). I'm an experienced tax and investment practitioner with over 20 years of experience in many aspects of financial services and wealth building. I can use those years of experience and knowledge to help you do just that. These include, but are not limited to, education, retirement, estate, and succession planning, in a small business and personal environment.

When it comes to business experience, it has placed me in the same trenches you may be now: marketing, employee issues, securing financing, and even counting inventory.

I've always had my own practice, preferring to serve you better and to differ to better ethics rather than be obliged to do things that may not be in your best interest. After gathering intelligence about my competition, I'm told that there are aspects of my business that are somewhat unconventional. I like that.

I'm interested in newer companies as well as companies that are more established that are dissatisfied with the service they are currently receiving from their current providers.

I go above and beyond the normally required training so you can be assured that I know my stuff. In addition to the required annual hours I spend to maintain my certifications, I spend many of my "off hours" studying tax strategies and real-world business challenges like marketing, technology, management, operations, investment, real estate and human resources. I combine it with my experience gained from my years of working with clients so I can customize a plan that is just right for you.